We are engaging at time of professional interruption decided or not by the Executive, that will lead lead to reflect on himself and his ecosystem.

This work, thath we accompany as consultant, is split into 2 steps which can vary in length depending on the existing context, and initial mind frame of the individual.

  • Identify strong professional foundations: technical expertise, managerial, linguistic, behavioural, and then put them into the appropriate format for communication (CV, social network)
  • Put the candidates into real market situation, open or hidden.

Our mix of expertise and knowledge of the employment market combined with our behavioural evaluation capabilities allow us to be very efficient in our diagnostic but also very relevant in putting into perspective a new professional project.

This requires the candidates to step back from the situation and have a pragmatic approach which can take some time without the supporting network.

We have the ability to adapt and provide that right support whilst constantly exchanging with the candidate.